Winthrop Rockefeller destroyed Arkansas by shut down gaming in hot spring.

We need gaming in Hot Springs. Look at Las Vegas population is 65000 1963. And look at Las Vegas today. This could have been Hot Spuings.


Who was the person Winthrop Rockefeller?

A heavy drinker known for his playboy lifestyle, Rockefeller often frequented chic cafes late at night with a movie star on his arm. He abruptly married an attractive blonde divorcee named Barbara “Bobo” Sears on Valentine’s Day in 1948. Soon they were the parents of a son, Winthrop Paul Rockefeller, but the marriage dissolved within a year.

A coal miner's daughter born Jievute Paulekiute, Bobo married into the clan after meeting Winthrop Rockefeller -- a future governor of Arkansas and brother of former New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller -- in 1948. Seven months later, the couple had a son, Winthrop Jr.


The marriage didn't last, and their 1951 break-up became a tabloid dream. She accused Winthop of being a womanizing drunk with a vast collection of pornography.


"I want him to suffer the way he has made me suffer; as he has humiliated me before the world," Bobo told reporters. "I intend to be a Mrs. Rockefeller until the day I die."



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