Transit Hubs

Focus on transit hubs. By linking major destinations in town by a major transit hubs, we can create a VISIBLE transit network. I commute (alone) from Sherwood to UALR every day. If there were a -prominent- park-n-ride type transit center in the McCain mall area, I'd park there and ride the bus to Two Rivers TC and then to UALR.


By designating certain high-travel corridors as transit priorities, we can bring more people into the fold, reduce fuel usage, increase ridership, and reduce congestion.


I'd suggest the following:

* Two Rivers TC

* McCain Mall

* UALR (On the West side of University)

* Chenal



These hubs would serve as a network for transit, as well as nuclei for future growth. The added traffic to McCain mall may drive the economy by added foot traffic. Combine this even further with policies that focus on walkable/livable development near transit hubs and we can increase density even further.


This idea could also be combined with placing recycling centers at the transit hubs.



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